the near field communication people


We are a UK based company that holds stock in the UK.  We are experts in Near Field Communication (NFC) and sell all kinds NFC enabling technology.  Everything we sell is of the highest quality and we use for our own clients projects.  We offer pre and post sales support and are always happy to assist in any way we can to make your introduction to NFC a positive one.

ZipNFC C2A Platform

We have built a platform to support the use of NFC (Near Field Communication), QR Codes and iBeacon for any business purpose. With 30 years experience of the Advertising and Media market place and the systems used we are well placed to offer a unique service and experience for any company wishing to use mobile engagement as a way to attract new customers or to build loyalty with existing customers.

Whatever your business is you cannot afford to miss this opportunity  to build a special and unique relationship with consumers and other businesses. Our platform is cloud based and has been designed so there is no need for any application to provide a rich and interesting user experience but we are more than happy to provide mobile applications when projects demand it.

Not only do you create a positive experience for your target audience, but our platform also provides:

  • Dynamic and changing content and call to action based on your rules
  • Control dynamically whether a tap or scan returns a landing page, applications, SMS, telephone, email and much more
  • All activity and data is stored for analytics and status in real time
  • Understand behaviour, what works and what does not work to create maximum return on investment
  • Manage and change on the move as platform works perfectly on a tablet
  • Platform handles competitions, registrations, emailing content and surveys
ZipNFC Services

We have a great deal of experience with Near Field Communication having implemented many projects for clients so if you are new to NFC and would like to understand more about the technology and how it might add value to your business we are always happy to discuss and meet up. We also offer 2 hour sessions to cover the basics and bring your organisation up to speed with how it works and what you can do with it.

We pride ourselves in service and believe in building partnerships with our clients so that we create a long term working relationship.