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LO-FI video of the growing functionality of the PROX NFC Tag app for IOS 11. 

Our News

iPhone 7+ NFC reader app - Beta 1

We currently support launching via a browser all kinds and types of URLs and URI's as well as viewing text, promting for a telephone number and SMS message for a given number.  We also show an example of being taken to an Apple App store app to download or open based on information on NFC sticker or tag.


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Video of our demo IOS 11 app that launches autimatically to websites by a NFC tag using iPhone 7

Our News

Video of iPhone 7+ launching websites from NFC Tags

iPhone 7+ launching websites via NFC Tags from PROX IoT on Vimeo.

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NFC Detailed Specifications

We have started to add detailed specification to each product that are provided by the manufactuers of each Chip used in our products. We hiope this will help you when identifying the right product and chip type to use.

We have already added this to the NXP NTAG213 / NTAG215 and NTAG216 chip types.  You can find the link to these PDF sheets in the Specification section under Specification.


Detailed NFC specification

We have added many new shapes and types of anti-metal / on-metal NFC stickers to the shop.

Our News

New anti metal NFC products

Due to our client demand for different size and shape requirements we have increased our range of anti-metal / on-metal NFC stickers and tags to the shop. Over time we have produced all sorts of shapes and sizes of NFC items for clients that are suitable for use on metal surfaces and now we have added some of these as stock items.

19mmx19mm anti-metal NFC sticker

Many times you are limited by space and as such size does matter so we now stock the a white PVC square anti-metal sticker that is just 19mm x 19mm and less then a 0.2mm thick! We achieve this by using the thinnest ferrite layer available that is only 0.15mm thick but really effective in protecting the NFC antenna and chip from the metal surface.


38mm round anti-metal NFC sticker

Other times you are not limited by space but you need a good reading distance between the mobile and the tag that is situated on the metal surface.  In this case we have introduced the 38mm Bullseye anti-metal sticker. 


28mm HARD PVC Tag anti-metal

What about those times when you want to have a NFC tag that is hardwearing and completely waterproof.  In this case we have introduced the 28mm HARD PVC anti-metal disc that is only 1mm thick and really tough.


We are pleased to announce that after many client requests we have started to stock NFC Laundry Tags in our store

Our News

NFC Laundry Tags

We are pleased to announce that we have started to stock NFC Laundry Tags in our store. We have started with the small 14mm version and a mid sized 20mm version.

The NFC laundry tag is made from very hardwearing PPS plastic that can withstand high temperatures and strong detergents. It is typically used within clothing that will be washed by hand or washing machines. They are completely waterproof and will withstand any normal washing temperatures.

NFC Laundry Tag



Welcome to all RapidNFC clients.  We are here to help and provide comparible quality and services to those you are used to before RapidNFC closed. Please give us a try and be prepared to be nicely surprised by the quality products, speed of delivery and service we can provide to you.

Our News

RapidNFC ex clients

We have had many RapidNFC clients start using our services over the last 16 months since RapidNFC made the decision to stop trading and we wanted to reassure you that we provide the same services, with the same quality and at very competative pricing. Until RapidNFC closed there doors they were recomending us to their clients rather than having no solution when clients called them and we were and are very pleased to help.

Servicing our clients is key to us becoming your long term NFC business partner so that is something very important to us and it has been built into the company from the ground up as both the main partners come from 30+ years in the technology service businesses.  We fully appreciate that when you have built up a trusted relationship with a supplier it is hard to move to another, but we can make this as painless as possible with our 5+ years experience of working with NFC and our ability to match products produced by RapidNFC to the same standards and specifications including printing and encoding if required.

We have the same phylosophy of carrying large amounts of stock and allow for the purchase of 1 to 100,000's depending on your requirements. For volumes of 5000 or less we can encode the stickers and tags locally from stock before they are delivered whether that is a simple URL and text or random encoding using CSV files. For emergencies we can do more, but if time permits for larger volumes we will normally encode at the time of manufacturing.

NFC and how it is perceived by users is all down to the performance and quality of the antenna and we make sure that all our NFC stickers and tags maintain the best possible reading distance for the size of tag. Even our 22mm and 25mm tags produce a reading distance of 2CM or more, where as the 38mm Bullseye will work at 3CM or more. When any of our stickers are used with dedicated NFC reader/writers you can see distances of 4-5CM typically.

Having manufactured for clients for over 5 years we have proved that printing at the time of manufature even if just a serial number on the front produces a much better quality than any local printing alternatives. The main reason for this when you are printing on a completed card, sticker or label the chip even if very thin does cause different surface levels, where as printing on a completely flat surface before adding the NFC chip will produce a much better quality finish.

Whether you are using NFC as care in the community, security, marketing or any other reason we can assure you we have the products for you and most likely in stock for immediate delivery. If you do not see the right item in the shop please contact us as we can manufacture effectively anything with any chip - including RFID lower frequency types.

We now have many ex RapidNFC clients so if you would like any references please get in touch and we can arrange for you.

We are now stocking large volumes of the SMARTRAC 22mm Circus and 38mm Bullseye NFC Stickers

Our News

SMARTRAC now in stock

We are now stocking large volumes of other quality manufactured stickers to complement our own range and as such we have now added the SMARTRAC 22mm Circus sticker and the SMARTRAC 38mm Bullseye.  Both are high quality products that have have exceptional reading distances and performance.



We create bespoke products with custom printed images at the highest quality.  Typically our manufacturing process takes 10-12 days and few days to arrive in the UK, so we normally says 3 weeks from the order and the digital proof being signed off by the client.


Our News

Custom printing

We create bespoke products with custom printed images at the highest quality.  Typically our manufacturing process takes 10-12 days and few days to arrive in the UK, so we normally says 3 weeks from the order and the digital proof being signed off by the client. 

We can also encode NFC stickers and products for you if required with static information or variable information held in a CSV file. When using CSV It is possibe to have a column for the printed reference on the front of a sticker and a second column for the data to be encoded. Any encoding type is supported such as text or URI/URL and adding extensions such as an app to launch.

Often we are asked why we only print during the manufacturing process rather than locally on stock products like white PVC stickers. The answer is simple in that the standard of printing equipment in our factory is of a higher printing quality than anything  available locally and once an item is NFC enabled the surface is no longer trully flat so getting the perfect finish is almost impossible. We print before the stcikers and items are assembled so the finish is always perfect - so if you can wait it is always better to get produced at the time of manufacture.

Here are a small set of examples of the the products we have created for clients:


New 25mm REVERSE on-metal sticker that can be used inside cases where electronics and metal is present.

Our News

On-metal NFC Sticker with a difference

reverse on-metal 25mm NFC StickerStructure of anti-metal stickersStructure of reveres ant-metal stickers

ZipNFC White PVC 25mm Round tags using the latest NXP® NTAG213 chip and a protective anti-metal layer . Typical on-metal stickers have a sticky ferrite layer that is expected to be placed on metal surfaces. Reverse on-metal NFC stickers would normally be placed inside cases where the antenna is place against a plastic surface and the on-metal protection is provided against metal or electrical circuits in side.

They also have an excellent reading distance due to the antenna design and are very thin considering they have the ferrite foil layer.

You can find these here

A new arrival to our shop - a 25mm round clear NFC NXP NTAG216 whcih has 854 characters available for data. You can find these here

Our News

Small NFC Sticker with large capacity

25mm Clear NFC Sticker - NTAG216

 We have added to our shop a new NFC Sticker that is small at 25mm but a large capacity of 854 characters.  We manufacture these ourselves, but they use the official NXP® NTAG216 chip.

This version has a clear PET plastic cover which is very strong and sticky back

You can find these here



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