amiibosMany Ammibo fans have used our range of  NXP NTAG215 products successfully, but we are aware that some people have had problems creating their clones.  We can not provide supprt for 3rd party products but some very kind clients have passed on some links to resources that heve helped them and tips.  As such we are sharing them in this document.

Please add any comment to this page that you feel will help other people create them successfully and we will pick them up and add them to the page to create a useful guide hopefully.

One of the most typical errors experienced when people are using the TagMo app is the "decryption error" and when we have shared these notes below eveyone seems to have resolved the problem:

 Client advice 1:

I ran into loads of issues with it but found a thread on GBATEMP helped the most. Additionally for some devices, the modified apk needs to be installed in order to write to the tag. I'll provide links to the sites that I used for the information and tutorial.



Hope this helps. The amiibo files need to be located themselves. The tutorial says to do a quick google search but if you're backing up your own you already have the files via your own amiibo.


You can find our current Amiibo compatible NTAG215 stickers and cards here: