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  1. Which NFC Reader / Writer do I need?

    Which NFC Reader / Writer do I need?


    ZipNFC only sell the ACS reader writers due to them being the best quality and most reliable reader / writers on the market.  There are also many resources available on the web to help you build applications for these in all languages.  We have 3 types available from stock and below we explain the differences and how they can be used.


    We have two that can be used for reading and writing NFC tags (ACR1252U and ACR1255U-J1) and one that can be used for reading the UID of the chip (ACR1281U-C2).



    ACR1281U NFC UID Reader


    The ACR1281U-C2 is interesting as a common use of NFC tags / stickers is to purely use the UID that comes with every NFC chip.

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  2. UK business to the EU 2021

    UK business to the EU 2021

    We do not see many issues going forward especially now we have a deal in place, but we have no doubt there will be some initial things to learn as we go forward during the early period. We are not expecting any tarriffs for the products we supply to apply to shipmments, but we will be required to produce customs paperwork for all shipments - either a simple CN22 sticker on normal post to a full commcial invoice for DHL shipments.  We ship worldwide so this is not new for us, but just means we need to be apply the same process to all shipments outside of the UK.

    Please note that we have received information from DHL that although duty and tariffs will not apply to European shipments local VAT will be charged and this will need to be paid by company / perspn receiving the shipments.  Obviously if you are TAX registered you. will be able to claim this back in your accounting procedures.

    Please note at the current time Royal Mail suggesting there are delays to post to Europe a

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  3. NFC Tags Buy: Which are best?

    NFC Tags Buy: Which are best?

    NFC Tags Buy: Which are best?


    What NFC tags should you buy? So many choices, how do you know what NFC tag to buy?


    NFC tags have many uses for example, payment, pairing devices and authentication. Here at SIRV we use NFC tags to help our clients:


    • Evidence who has been where and, when (proof of presence)
    • Track assets
    • Track people


    To satisfy customer demand we’ve purchased tens of thousands of tags from ZipNFC.


    NFC Tags Buying Mistakes

    Over the years we’ve made mistakes:


    • Putting the right tags in the wrong place
    • Buying tags too small to be seen
    • Branding tags that didn’t need branding


    These mistakes are expensive and reputationally damaging; no one wants to be responsible for replacing hundreds of NFC tags from beautiful new building

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  4. We are moving!

    We are moving!

    We are now preparing for our move from our current base in Essex to Suffolk which takes place next week w/c 23rd November 2020.   As we are moving the business and distribution centre we will not be shipping any new orders from 20th November 2020 at 2pm to 27th November 2020 inclusive - as such any orders made during this period will be dispatched on Monday 30th November 2020. If at all possible to ship sooner we will let you know but for now assume they will be shipped on the 30th November.

    As always if you have an urgent order that can not wait for shipping on the 30th November during this week please get in touch with us we will endeavor to find a way of dispatching to you sooner.

    We will be available on email and by telephone if required although email will be safer in case our phone lines are down around moving day.

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  5. Sample Packs

    We do not sell ready made sample packs as we have set the shop up so you can order down to a single item across our range.  This way you can decide which items you feel will suit for project.  If you are uncertain you can always contact us and we can provide some advice and suggestions for you.

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