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  1. Apple App Clips for a neater NFC Experience

    One difference between Android and iPhone is that when an NFC tag is tapped that contains a URL it will bring up the URL in your default browser on Android but with iPhone you get an extra prompt from Safri asking if you wish to open the URL.  This is not such a nice look, but now since IOS 14 as a developer you can create an App Clip whcih is a small applet and if it is asscoiated with a URL thhe user gets a neat dialogue with a picture and options for next such as open on a browser or open the app.

    We have seen client using this when we test our encoded tags for them and it make such a difference to the user experience.

    Worth looking in to if you have your own application on IOS. The developer documentation can be found here: CLICK HERE

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  2. NFC Tag / Stickers - things to know and comparison between iPhone and Android NFC compatibility

    NFC Tag / Stickers  - things to know and comparison between iPhone and Android compatibility

    Last updated: 8th October 2021


    We have started this document and will add to it over time so that when you are using the NFC tags you can understand what will and wont work on a tag when you need it to work with the iPhone using IOS or with an Android mobile with NFC Capability.

    Compared to Android mobiles, when using NFC the iPhone is very restricted with the data  that it accepts and will process natively without an application. The reality is that the only data an iPhone can handle is a URL and that URL must not have a Description field added.


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  3. Which NFC Reader / Writer do I need?

    Which NFC Reader / Writer do I need?


    ZipNFC only sell the ACS reader writers due to them being the best quality and most reliable reader / writers on the market.  There are also many resources available on the web to help you build applications for these in all languages.  We have 3 types available from stock and below we explain the differences and how they can be used.


    We have two that can be used for reading and writing NFC tags (ACR1252U and ACR1255U-J1) and one that can be used for reading the UID of the chip (ACR1281U-C2).



    ACR1281U NFC UID Reader


    The ACR1281U-C2 is interesting as a common use of NFC tags / stickers is to purely use the UID that comes with every NFC chip.

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  4. Latest news regarding UK business to the EU 2021

    Latest  news regarding UK business to the EU 2021

    Updated: 8th October 2021

    We have dealt with many EU shipments since January 2021 and have seen very few problems or delays, especially when using a courier company like DHL.

    Using DHL we have to accompany every shipment with a commercial invoice and when the package arrives in the EU destination country, the local DHL representative will handle the collection of any duty and taxes.  Please make sure you include your Tax reference on all orders so that we can use it on the documentation, doing this saves time and questions at your location.

    Deliveries sent by Royal Mail switch to using your local postal service when it arrives in your country.  We add a CN22 to every package describing the contents and value of the items inside, and local customs will decide whether a tax charge needs to be made.

    As of the 1st July the EU implemented a new Tax collection service called IOSS but this is only relevant for consumers b

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  5. NFC Tags Buy: Which are best?

    NFC Tags Buy: Which are best?

    NFC Tags Buy: Which are best?


    What NFC tags should you buy? So many choices, how do you know what NFC tag to buy?


    NFC tags have many uses for example, payment, pairing devices and authentication. Here at SIRV we use NFC tags to help our clients:


    • Evidence who has been where and, when (proof of presence)
    • Track assets
    • Track people


    To satisfy customer demand we’ve purchased tens of thousands of tags from ZipNFC.


    NFC Tags Buying Mistakes

    Over the years we’ve made mistakes:


    • Putting the right tags in the wrong place
    • Buying tags too small to be seen
    • Branding tags that didn’t need branding


    These mistakes are expensive and reputationally damaging; no one wants to be responsible for replacing hundreds of NFC tags from beautiful new building

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