NFC Tags Buy: Which are best?

NFC Tags Buy: Which are best?


What NFC tags should you buy? So many choices, how do you know what NFC tag to buy?


NFC tags have many uses for example, payment, pairing devices and authentication. Here at SIRV we use NFC tags to help our clients:


  • Evidence who has been where and, when (proof of presence)
  • Track assets
  • Track people


To satisfy customer demand we’ve purchased tens of thousands of tags from ZipNFC.


NFC Tags Buying Mistakes

Over the years we’ve made mistakes:


  • Putting the right tags in the wrong place
  • Buying tags too small to be seen
  • Branding tags that didn’t need branding


These mistakes are expensive and reputationally damaging; no one wants to be responsible for replacing hundreds of NFC tags from beautiful new building

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