Video showing an iPhone 7+ using IOS 11 reading and actioning based on the content of the NFC tag. We currently support launching all kinds and types of URLs and URI's via a browser, as well as viewing text, prompting for a telephone number and creating an SMS message for a given number.  We also show an example of being taken to an Apple App store app to download or open based on information on NFC sticker or tag.

Some interesting aspects of how NFC works on the iPhone have come to light during testing with our ZipNFC NFC tags and stickers.  The first point of interest for practical use is that the NFC reader in the iPhone is positioned top left of the device and you can access it from the back, top, and front of the mobile which makes it so flexible to use when reading tags. It realy doesn't matter which way up your phone is facing.

We have also found that the reading distance on all our tags is brilliant and, apart from the obvious quality of our products, that's because the NFC reader on the iPhone is very effective and creates a strong electromagnetic field  which is much better than some Android NFC devices.

We are developing against and testing on IOS 11 Beta 2 and we have identified an issue where the NFC reader gets in a loop and the only way out of this is to shut down the app sometimes and other times to power off the whole device. However, Beta 2 is much better than Beta 1 was so we expect this to get fixed before the final release in September 2017.

There is a lot of negative feedback currently about the Apple NFC implementation requiring the user to have an app installed in order to use NFC, and also having to take action on the app in order to start scanning for an NFC tag.  If you compare this to the Android approach where the NFC reader is on all the time (if enabled) and no app is required and nor is any user action required to read a tag, then it is clear that there are some major advantages to the Android approach.  However, the reality is that any brand or company of any size will have their own application in place and adding NFC functionalty to it will be very easy.  This will provide another reason for the customer/consumer to download and use the application in order to gain benefit from receipt of information or discounts.

All really positive!

Demonstration of our IOS 11 PROX NFC Tag app - Beta 1 from PROX IoT on Vimeo.