iphone 7 and NFC

Apple have announced at the WWDC 2017 that IOS 11 will have support for reading NFC tags as part of their Core NFC API.

The developer documentation looks very encouraging with statements like this:

New in iOS 11.0 - Detect NFC tags and read messages that contain NDEF data. Added Core NFC, a new framework for reading Near Field Communications (NFC) tags and data in NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF.)

We have been waiting for this so long, but it seems to have finally arrived.  Here are some useful resources from apple and other trusted resources that provide official confirmation of its existence.

Developer IOS 11 documentation

Swift 4 Core NFC - language guide (looks light at the moment)

NFC World write up

Summary of what we understand so far:

Currently only reading being made available no writing

The Swift API is limited to reading the NDEF message rather than processing into types like URI or text

Swift API documentation looks very limited and expect this to become more complete during BETA testing

Not sure yet whether you will have to have an app available to read the message but lets hope it will as a minimum read and launch a URL

We will keep this page updated as we find more resources and information