iPhone 7 and 7+

So the iPhone 7 and 7+ have been launched and unfortunately Apple still have not added the ability for the device to use NFC tags to automate tasks on their mobile. It is a real shame but not a surprise as their current focus is making sure that Apple Pay is 100% robust and that is where the money is for them.

We know of so many companies that are waiting to add NFC functionality to existing IOS applications in the same way that they have on Android and Windows so you have to assume that Apple will eventually make it available.

The reality is that biggest frustration with the lack of NFC on the iPhone is when trying to use NFC for marketing purposes or providing information to customers. Currently it is necessary to adopt a dual strategy of NFC and QR or maybe Beacons. Where ever NFC is used for internal purposes such as security and healthcare they have control over the devices used so will enforce Android or Windows so the lack of iPhone adoption is not such a problem.

Apple will have to adopt it eventually as NFC tags are not going to go away and they are currently losing a share of the market due to it and their apps are missing a key way of starting off an engagement with iPhone users.