COVID-19 Our Service Update

COVID-19 Service Update

29 December 2020


Shipping within the UK, Europe and to the rest of the world

Update - 29/12/2020 : Shipping within the UK, Europe and Worldwide has worked quite well over the summer and autumn with some delays, but generally good.  However as the Covid-19 cases have increased and resctrictions have come into play around Europe we are starting to see delays to packages arriving.  As such please be aware that both Couriers, Royal Mail or local postal companies will sometimes experience delays.  For UK deliveries Special Delivery is still the safest option as it is guaranteed next working day even if they do not always make their 1pm deadline. Click Here for Royal Mail site information

With most areas in. Tier 4 and the increase rise in Covid cases we are seeing delays in Royal Mail postage.  It variable as some 1st class post arrives next day and other times it is taking a week or more. As before if you have a dealine please use the special delivery options to make sure you get it next working day.

DHL are still applying a Covid surcharge on their delivery charges, so this has been applied to our shipping charges.  This will be removed once they change their policy.

Europe and rest of the world: These locations are experiencing postal delays of a few days longer normal.  We are recomending using Signed and tracked option for shipping so you have some idea where the package is in transit e.g. either in the UK or Local to you.

Custom products

Our factory in China has been running since the end of the of the Chinese New Year with a reduced resource level at around 60%-70%, but we are successfully manufacturing bespoke NFC products for our clients and have completed many projects on large scales without any problems apart from taking a little longer than normal around 4-5 weeks vs 3 weeks.  We have found shipping from China to the UK has worked really well considering the issues DHL have had to face, but as the UK has entered the lock down and a lot of the European hubs have done the same, shipping on occasions has taken longer than normal – for example Express has taken around 7 days vs 4-5 days.

 The shipment information above does not affect our ability to manufacture products for clients, but it will mean that there will be a delay in getting them to you if shipping either to the UK or within the UK gets severely disrupted.

 Stock items

 We have not had any problems keeping our stock replenished so we have many items in stock and ready to send immediately. We have many clients that buy as they require on a very frequent basis and we would suggest at this stage it might be better to buy in larger quantities to keep your own level of product in stock just in case we are unable ship products out as we have always done.