When you use your mobile with NFC for the first time you may find that NFC does not seem to be working.  Here are some practical steps on how to see where the problem might be.

The NFC tags

We test all tags before they get shipped but it is possible for them to fail due to the way they get handled. It is very unlikely to affect all the tags so worth checking more than one.  We will always replace any faulty tag. Every type of tag has a different reading distance, which means you will have to place the mobile nearer to the NFC tag for different types of tag.  Typically the smaller tags will have a shorter reading distance, but aluminium antennas tend to have a shorter reading distance than copper.  That is why the very small NFC tags tend to have copper antennas.

Your mobile

If you have not used your mobile for NFC before you may find it has been switched off or not enabled. Whether on Android or Windows you will find an NFC settings section in your main settings menu.  Make sure all settings are enabled.  Once enabled just by placing an empty tag to mobile should generate a message on the screen to show the tag has been recognised.

On some mobiles like Samsung they put the NFC antenna on the back of the battery.  This is fine apart from if you have replaced your official  battery with a 3rd party long life battery it mayl not have the NFC antenna on it.  As such NFC willl not work with this type of battery. 9 out of 10 queries about NFC not working have turned out to be this problem so worth checking.

Depending on your type of mobile and whether you have a mobile or a tablet you have to identify where your NFC antenna is placed.  Normally it is behind the logo on the back. As to how near you have to be to read an NFC tag will be determined by the type of NFC chip and antenna use on the mobile and the reading distance of the particular type of NFC tag.

iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+

Unfortunately although these devices have an NFC chip in them Apple have not made them available to work with NFC tags.

iPhone 7/7+/8/8+/X/

Apple introduced the ability for an iPhone 7 or 7+ to read NFC tags that are already formatted with data such as a URL.  Unfortunately this does not work natively on the phone so you have to use an application and once launched the app will be able to scan the data and launch the URL on a browser. There are plenty on the market but our sister company PROX IoT have one and it can be found on the Apple store here: PROX NFC Tag

iPhone Xs/XsMax/XR

With this model they freed up NFC reading so any NFC tags that have a URL written to them will launch the browser automatically without any need for an application.