UK business to the EU 2021

We do not see many issues going forward especially now we have a deal in place, but we have no doubt there will be some initial things to learn as we go forward during the early period. We are not expecting any tarriffs for the products we supply to apply to shipmments, but we will be required to produce customs paperwork for all shipments - either a simple CN22 sticker on normal post to a full commcial invoice for DHL shipments.  We ship worldwide so this is not new for us, but just means we need to be apply the same process to all shipments outside of the UK.

Please note that we have received information from DHL that although duty and tariffs will not apply to European shipments local VAT will be charged and this will need to be paid by company / perspn receiving the shipments.  Obviously if you are TAX registered you. will be able to claim this back in your accounting procedures.

Please note at the current time Royal Mail suggesting there are delays to post to Europe and many other countries partly due to Covid, but also dealing with the change as the UK exits out of EU 1st January 2021.

As EC VAT exemption does not apply now for the UK we have changed our systems so all countries other than the United Kingdom will be charged at 0% VAT.

Happy New Year and it will surely be a different one!