Latest  news regarding UK business to the EU 2021

Updated: 8th October 2021

We have dealt with many EU shipments since January 2021 and have seen very few problems or delays, especially when using a courier company like DHL.

Using DHL we have to accompany every shipment with a commercial invoice and when the package arrives in the EU destination country, the local DHL representative will handle the collection of any duty and taxes.  Please make sure you include your Tax reference on all orders so that we can use it on the documentation, doing this saves time and questions at your location.

Deliveries sent by Royal Mail switch to using your local postal service when it arrives in your country.  We add a CN22 to every package describing the contents and value of the items inside, and local customs will decide whether a tax charge needs to be made.

As of the 1st July the EU implemented a new Tax collection service called IOSS but this is only relevant for consumers buying goods and not for businesses.  Based on our consumer purchase volumes we have decided not to subscribe to the IOSS service so all packages, whether Business or Consumer, will be sent with a CN22 and if any tax is required it will be handled in your location.

We hope this helps you to understand the process of sending goods from the UK to the EU.