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  1. Sample Packs

    We do not sell ready made sample packs as we have set the shop up so you can order down to a single item across our range.  This way you can decide which items you feel will suit for project.  If you are uncertain you can always contact us and we can provide some advice and suggestions for you.

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  2. COVID-19 Our Service Update

    COVID-19 Our Service Update

    COVID-19 Service Update

    29 December 2020


    Shipping within the UK, Europe and to the rest of the world

    Update - 29/12/2020 : Shipping within the UK, Europe and Worldwide has worked quite well over the summer and autumn with some delays, but generally good.  However as the Covid-19 cases have increased and resctrictions have come into play around Europe we are starting to see delays to packages arriving.  As such please be aware that both Couriers, Royal Mail or local postal companies will sometimes experience delays.  For UK deliveries Special Delivery is still the safest option as it is guaranteed next working day even if they do not alw

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  3. Compare standard anti-metal NFC stickers to REVERSE anti-metal version

    ZipNFC White PVC 25mm REVERSE anti-metal Round tags using the latest NXP® NTAG213 chip and have a protective anti-metal layer so can be used near metal surfaces.

    Typical anti-metal stickers have a sticky ferrite layer that is expected to be placed or stuck on metal surfaces and the other side will be tapped on by the mobile or reading device. REVERSE anti-metal NFC stickers would normally be placed inside cases where the antenna is place against a plastic surface and the anti-metal protection is provided against metal or electrical circuits in side. Other uses might be where you have a poster in a metal case and you would place the sticky side on the back of the poster where the tag will get tapped, but the back is against the metal casing and is protected.

    They are basially the same, but the layers are structured differently. Pease see the pictures of the layers for comparison.

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  4. iPhone - using NFC as a triger for automated shortcuts

    iPhone - using NFC as a triger for automated shortcuts

    With the release of IOS 13 there are many new features available.  One feature is using the standard shortcuts app to create your own automated commands on the phone.  The Shortcuts app has always been available to use and very powerful, but now you can trigger them using an NFC tag.

    This is available on any IPhone model that support background NFC reading, so that is all the models in the Xs, XR and 11 range of phones and they should be runnig IOS 13+.

    Please note all our products in the NTAG range are fully compatbile with this functionality.

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  5. Apple iPhone 11 with NFC read and write - available now

    Apple iPhone 11 with NFC read and write - available now

    Apple have now released the iphone 11 mobile with IOS 13 and this has provide access to the rich funcionality of NFC.  It is now possible to launch a URL withpout any application and use applications like NFC Tools to write to an NFC Tag.

    All of the NFC products we sell on this shop are compatible with Android and IPhone whether reading or writing so you will have no problems.

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