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  1. Amiibo cloning

    Amiibo cloning

    Many Amiibo fans have used our range of  NXP NTAG215 products successfully, but we are aware that some people have had problems creating their clones.  We cannot provide support for 3rd party products but some very kind clients have passed on some links to resources that heve helped them. We are sharing them in this document.

    Please add any comment to this page that you feel will help other people create them successfully and we will pick them up and add them to the page to create a useful guide.

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  2. NFC Getting Started - Writing NFC tag

    To be able to write to an NFC tag / sticker you will require an Android mobile that has NFC capability, an iPhone that is 7 or newer or a USB read/writer.  Android and iPhone are very simple as there are many applications available that can ne used to write instructions to an NFC tag or sticker - most of which are free unless yuo need some of the more advanced features We do sell a range of USB reader and writer that attaches to a PC or MAC using a USB - see below some recomended products.

    Here are some examples to get you started:

    Google Play: NXP TagWriter

    Apple Store:  NXP TagWriter

    Provided by NXP the same supplier of the NTAG range of chips that we supply

    You can find a manual to this app

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  3. Latest Sumsung NFC tag reading information

    Latest Sumsung NFC tag reading information

    We have had a few clients that use the latest Samsung mobiles have issue reading NFC tags of different types.  The problem seems to be that more people are using their mobiles for NFC payments and are used to placing the top of their mobile on NFC payment terminals.  This is because NFC payments use the MST antenna positioned below the camera, where as the NFC antenna for reading and writing to tags is around the middle of the mobile on on the back. 

    Another aspect to consider is when making payments you are using a NFC transmitter that is powered and so the connection range is more powerful and wider.  As NFC tags use the power of the mobile it is necessary to find the right spot on the back of the mobile to create a solid connection.

    We hope this information helps when using NFC 

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  4. New ZipNFC Shop

    New ZipNFC Shop

    This is a our new shop format ready for 2019, but feel free to order from here if you see something you like.  If you found it then by all means use it. Or alternatively you can buy from our main shop here

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