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Clear Stickers (Wet Inlay)

Our range of NFC stickers that have a clear see through surface and sticky back. Often called NFC wet inlays as they are normally used in conjunction with other materials or hidden from view. We protect our NFC stickers with a clear PET plastic material that makes them very strong.
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  1. NFC SMARTRAC Sticker Midas "Tiny" NTAG213

    SMARTRAC Midas (tiny) 12x19mm Rectangle tags with the new NXP NTAG213 chip and with clear PET front and sticky back. These are manufactured for business by SMARTRAC and used for commercial marketing so very strong and durable as well as having a strong adhesive applied. They also have an excellent reading distance for such a small tag. Due to having no paper or PVC backing they are wafer thin and great for applying in between or on the back printed matter Learn More
  2. 25mm NFC Sticker Clear (Wet Inlay) PET - NTAG216

    25mm Clear NFC Sticker with NXP NTAG216 chip - that gives you 864 characters to write to on a small sticker. Learn More
  3. 22mm Clear (wet inlay) SMARTRAC NFC Stickers NXP NTAG213

    Small but powerful 22mm SMARTRAC Circus clear NFC sticker with the NTAG213 chip. Learn More
  4. 38mm Bullseye SMARTRAC NFC Stickers Clear (wet inlay) NXP NTAG213

    The premium NFC sticker used for commercial and consumer use. 38mm round clear NXP NTAG213 sticker. We always keep over 10,000+ in stock Learn More
5 Item(s)