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NFC plastic Hang Tag NXP NTAG213 [Red with White Logo]

NFC Plastic Hang Tag NTAG213 [Red with White Logo]

NFC Hang Tag that is red with white logo
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ZIpNFC NFC NXP NTAG213 28mm diameter Hang Tags which are manufactured by ZipNFC with a red background and the white ZipNFC logo we use to represent that an item is NFC enabled. These have the NFC enabled image on both sides of the tag. The are covered in Epoxy plastic so very tough, waterproof, but extremely light and thin.  5 different colours are available

More Information
Chip Type NXP NTAG213
Suitable surfaces All EXCEPT Metal
Shape Round
Frequency 13.56 Mhz
Dimensions 28mm
Country of Origin China
Total Memory (NDEF Formatted) 137
Total Memory (Unformatted) 144
Antenna Size 25mm
NFC Forum Type Type 2
ISO/IEC Standard ISO/IEC14443 A
Chip Manufacturer NXP

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