We create bespoke products with custom printed images at the highest quality.  Typically our manufacturing process takes 10-12 days and few days to arrive in the UK, so we normally says 3 weeks from the order and the digital proof being signed off by the client. 

We can also encode NFC stickers and products for you if required with static information or variable information held in a CSV file. When using CSV It is possibe to have a column for the printed reference on the front of a sticker and a second column for the data to be encoded. Any encoding type is supported such as text or URI/URL and adding extensions such as an app to launch.

Often we are asked why we only print during the manufacturing process rather than locally on stock products like white PVC stickers. The answer is simple in that the standard of printing equipment in our factory is of a higher printing quality than anything  available locally and once an item is NFC enabled the surface is no longer trully flat so getting the perfect finish is almost impossible. We print before the stcikers and items are assembled so the finish is always perfect - so if you can wait it is always better to get produced at the time of manufacture.

Here are a small set of examples of the the products we have created for clients: