Your typical NFC sticker is made of a very thin layer of PVC or PET plastic on the top to protect and/or hide the NFC chip and antenna.  In many cases a client will print on this surface to present a brand or instructions on what the user of the mobile should do. At the back of the NFC sticker once you remove the release paper you will find the sticky back with various strengths of glue to attached the sticker to the required surface.

In most cases NFC stickers are your best choice as they are very light, strong and flexible so can be used on slightly curved surfaces and it is easier to find the right position for them.

However - we are often asked questions such as

  • just how hard wearing are they are?

  • can they be knifed?

  • are they waterproof?

  • are they dustproof?

  • what would happen if hit by a hammer?

The reality is that on a normal sticker you have plastic front and glue back that protects the NFC chip and antenna from water at a certain level so even though not manufactured or warranted as waterproof they are pretty much safe for low levels and short periods of water exposure such as rain.

But - if you wanted to be certain and they other concerns are relevant to you then you really should try our HARD PVC range as even thought they are wtill thin at sub 1mm thinkness they are completely encased in plastic so are fully waterproof and pretty indestructable.

The other beneifit of HARD PVC is that you can do full colour printing on them so any design you can have on a sticker you can have on these too.They are amazingly light too! 

Like NFC stickers the standard HARD PVC NF tags  will not work properly on metal surfaces, but we have HARD PVC NFC tags in stock that have the anti-metal layer and can be used on metal surface.

So go ahead and give them a try.