Due to our client demand for different size and shape requirements we have increased our range of anti-metal / on-metal NFC stickers and tags to the shop. Over time we have produced all sorts of shapes and sizes of NFC items for clients that are suitable for use on metal surfaces and now we have added some of these as stock items.

19mmx19mm anti-metal NFC sticker

Many times you are limited by space and as such size does matter so we now stock the a white PVC square anti-metal sticker that is just 19mm x 19mm and less then a 0.2mm thick! We achieve this by using the thinnest ferrite layer available that is only 0.15mm thick but really effective in protecting the NFC antenna and chip from the metal surface.


38mm round anti-metal NFC sticker

Other times you are not limited by space but you need a good reading distance between the mobile and the tag that is situated on the metal surface.  In this case we have introduced the 38mm Bullseye anti-metal sticker. 


28mm HARD PVC Tag anti-metal

What about those times when you want to have a NFC tag that is hardwearing and completely waterproof.  In this case we have introduced the 28mm HARD PVC anti-metal disc that is only 1mm thick and really tough.