Your PROX IoT mPOD comes with 3 separate parts as follows:

  • The white mPOD case with our Bluetooth technology inside

  • A CR2477 Panasonic battery

  • Sticky pad that can be used to secure the beacon on most surfaces

  • Lid has been enabled with an NXP NTAG213 NFC chip

For the mPOD to work you will need to take apart the white casing and insert the battery into the Bluetooth module. To do this you will need to prise the lid from the body using a fingernail or thin flat object.  Once open you will have 4 parts as in this picture including the battery.

PROX IoT mPod components

The battery should be placed with the engraved Panasonic label against the bottom of the metal frame and not against the board, as it does not work that way around.

Correct battery positionCorrect battery position

Now just place Bluetooth module in the case by positioning holes on the board with the two prongs on lid and push it together and then add the the base. You will find on one side of the lid two clips and on the base two holes for them, so line them up and push together so that the lid clicks into place.

You now have a beacon ready to be used.

The NFC lid is blank so you can write anything to it you wish for your project using any NFC writer such as an Android or Windows application or USB NFC writer.  Just place your phone or writer over the PROX IoT logo to access NFC in the lid.

PROX Beacon

Please download the PROX Beacon application to enable management of the beacon and to change its settings.

Google Play:

iTunes App Store:

Online documentation:

Video of how to activate the mPOD beacon can be found here:


Please note the following important information:

Please note the default password for the PROX IoT mPOD beacon is: PROXIoTSetup

If you need to reset the mPOD beacon back to factory settings please follow these steps:

  • Press the black button in for 10 seconds on the PCB board with the battery still in place

  • Remove the battery for 30 seconds and place back in

  • That's it - the beacon has been reset to factory settings

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